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Tim Donaghy vs Derrick Stafford

6th June 2010

I have mentioned in previous posts how some of Tim Donaghy’s alleged betting methods were debunked  over at True Hoop. 

One of the games that Donaghy and his crew bet was a February 26th 2007 game withMIA @ NYK.

 In his book Donaghy explains why he decided to bet on NYK -3

Madison Square Garden was the place to be for a marquee matchup between the Miami Heat and New York Knicks. I worked the game with Derrick Stafford and Gary Zielinski, knowing that the Knicks were a sure bet to get favorable treatment that night. Derrick Stafford had a close relationship with Knicks coach Isiah Thomas, and he despised Heat coach Pat Riley. I picked the Knicks without batting an eye and settled in for a roller-coaster ride on the court.

He goes on to write later in the book about this same game;

I worked a Knicks game in MSG with him on Feb 26, 2007. New York shot an astounding 39 free throws to Miami’s paltry eight. It seemed like Stafford was working for the Knicks, calling fouls on Miami like crazy. (page 109).

I went ahead and charted each call in this game to see if Donaghy’s claims were accurate, here are the results.

Derrick Stafford 16 total calls

9 calls favoring NYK

7 calls favoring MIA

Gary Zielinksi 6 total calls

3 favoring NYK

3 favoring MIA

Tim Donaghy 18 total calls

14 calls favoring NYK

4 Calls favoring MIA

This specific game is rather endemic of the whole Donaghy scandal - Not only did Stafford not call fouls like “crazy” in this game - but the one who actually did exhibit a clear tendency to favor one team over the other was Tim Donaghy himself.

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