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2010 All Non Defensive Team

16th April 2010

Recently a few people have posted their 2010 All Defensive teams on that note I present to a list of players who have play *significant minutes and are the worst defenders at their positions.

1st Team;

PG Johnny Flynn

Normally I’d be loathe to include a rookie on any list, especially one that plays the PG one of the more difficult positions to play as a rookie. But Johnny Flynn really set himself apart from the rest of the league in his inability/unwillingness to defend. 

His 1 year defensive APM numbers have him at a net -7.09, his unadjusted numbers having his team giving up nearly 3 points more per 100 possessions on defense.

SG Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin is an interesting player, on offense he has one of the quickest first steps of any SG guard in the league. On defense, not so much. A lot of his defensive inefficiencies are the result of his penchant for gambling and leaving / losing his man. But even that aside, he is simply not physically equipped to be an adequate or average NBA defender.

Kevin Martin is one of the most efficient potent offensive players in the league but yet he has always been a net negative for any team he has played on - the reason for that is his lack of defensive ability and effort. 

One of the overlooked aspects of Houston’s acquisition of Martin is how much this will trickle down to Yao and the other bigs. Martin will certainly get his team in offense in the penalty with his ability to draw fouls, unfortunately he does the same on defense.

SF Andres Nocioni

This is a tough one, generally players at the SF position are the best defenders on their team. Nocioni is in a tough spot because although he isn’t big enough to play PF, he is also too slow to play the SF position. Although he isn’t a horrible defensive player, he is most likely the worst defensive player to have played significant minutes at the 3.

If I could fudge around a bit and put Yi as a SF he would supplant Nocioni as the starting SF, unfortunately he is playing the most of his minutes at the PF position and its hard to rate him worse than Charlie V although its close.

PF Charlie Villaneuva

There was a quote early in the season where John Kuester stated that until he had a few weeks to be around Charlie V, he didn’t really know just what Charlie could do - presumably this was a compliment. I think given another 4 months or so he’d likely restate the above, but not in a complimentary fashion.

Charlie V’s one year adjusted Defensive rating has him at a -6.13, he scarcely keeps his man in front of him and doesn’t defensive rebound particularly well.

C Andrea Bargnani

This was a close call between Andrea and Al Jefferson but I think Andrea’s lack of athleticism gives him the slight edge.  Andrea’s one year defensive adjusted +/- rating is a staggering -9.13 and although adjusted plus minus rankings should be taken with a rather large grain of salt (especially 1 year ratings) when I substitute Andrea for any other starting center in the league, Toronto’s defensive numbers improve across the board.

Honorable Mentions;

JJ Barea

Jeff Green

Yi Jianlin 

Drew Gooden

Al Jefferson

Will Bynum

Jordan Farmar

Derek Fisher

David West

I went ahead and placed these players onto a team and simulated a game with them vs a slightly above average team (Boston Celtics) 

here are the Four Factor Results of such a simulation (50,000 games)

Non Defensive Four Factors

The way our simulation works is we simulate the game in 3 different parts;

The 1st half (first)

2nd Half minus the last 2 mins of the 4th quarter (second) + first 3 mins of any OT

The last 2 mins of the 4th quarter or Overtime.

The reason we do it this way is the end game scenarios vary greatly depending on the score and situation.

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